Don’t judge a box by it’s cover! The words healthy and natural are strewn across some very highly processed foods with little or no food value.  Often people are surprised when they turn over a “healthy” product and find sugar, chemicals and trans fats. Many vegan and vegetarian products are guilty of this too; its worth the effort to flip over the box and investigate.

Check out Fooducate to find out the grade of all processed foods you buy including Nut Butters, Cereals, Juices, Yogurts and more. They have a great browse option that makes it easy to find out if your favorites are worth eating.

Look for the Non GMO verified label.  By law, any product labeled “organic” in California is supposed to be Non GMO, but verified is best! Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s are the result of a gene from one species being transferred to another creating an organism that is not found in nature. There is great concern among scientists that GMOs are actually passing on their mutant genes and bacterium into the digestive systems. There are real concerns about the effects of franken food both in our bodies and in our food system. Learn more about keeping GMOs out of your diet here! 

For those of you who use Bobs Red Mill Products rejoice, though they are not verified, are all non GMO according to their website.


Check their website for a list of non GMO foods.

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