Wheel or Upward Bow Pose is one of those asanas that grows on you.  At first it may seem intimidating, but each time you practice it you discover something new about yourself.  When you come into Wheel, your heart is more open, and you face your doubts and frustrations head on.  This is a mighty pose.  It’s empowering, strengthening and harmonizing.


Wheel, Upward Bow Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana (OORD-vah don-your-AHS-anna)

  • Lie on your back (supine).
  • Bend your knees and plant your feet hip-width distance apart.
  • Bring your arms alongside your body and reach your fingertips toward your heels.
  • Walk your heels back toward your fingertips.
  • Exhale to firm your naval toward your spine and engage your abdominal wall.
  • Inhale and press your hips up into Bridge Pose.
  • Engage your thighs and glutes to maintain hip-width distance between your knees.
  • Bend your elbows and plant your hands on either side of your head, so your fingertips are facing your shoulders.
  • Spread your fingers wide, root down into your knuckles and begin to straighten your arms, as you lift up onto the crown of your head.
  • Hold for a round or two of breath.
  • Root down into your hands and all four corners of your feet.
  • Lift your head off your mat as you straighten your arms.
  • Extend your tailbone toward the back of your knees.
  • Gaze through your arms and let your head hang heavy.
  • Keep your thighs parallel as you continue to press your hips toward the sky.
  • Spread your shoulder blades away from each other.
  • To advance further, lift your heels off your mat and come onto your toes.
  • You can also lift one leg toward the sky.
  • Hold for several rounds of breath.
  • To come out of this pose, slowly rewind by drawing your chin toward your chest. This will protect your neck as you lower down onto your back.
  • Lay in Supta Baddha Konasana, to release your hips and low back.


  • For individuals with back, shoulder or wrist injuries, practice Bridge Pose



Chakra (Energetic Body)

  • The power of wheel pose comes from its ability to create harmony within the body, as it taps into all seven of the main chakras. There are three chakras, however, that are especially charged in Wheel: the second, third and fourth chakras.
  • The Sacral Chakra or second chakra (Svadhisthana) is associated with our creativity, pleasure, emotion, and sensuality. This chakra is located in the lower abdominal area near the hips.  The element of Svadhisthana is water and the color of this chakra is orange.  When this chakra is in balance, we are more centered and peaceful.  We are enthusiastic about the journey and less attached to the outcome.
  • The Solar Plexus or third chakra (Manipura) is associated with our confidence, power, relationship with self and ego. This chakra resides in the abdominal area, obliques and internal organs (pancreas, liver, stomach, spleen).  The element of this chakra is fire and the color of this chakra is yellow.  When Manipura is in balance, we have a better understanding of self and we are able to separate our higher consciousness from our ego.  When practicing asanas, such as Wheel Pose, we “cultivate a willingness to gain insight into your understanding of power, individuality, and identification.”
  • The Heart Chakra or fourth chakra (Anahata) is associated with compassion, service, unconditional love, connectedness and empathy. The element of Anahata is air and the color of this chakra is green.  This Anahata is the bridge between our lower three chakras and upper three chakras.  It’s where “me” becomes “we”.  When Anahata is in balance, our perception of separateness dissolves and we develop a greater understanding of our connection with all living beings.


  • When you practice Wheel Pose your spirit will come alive. Fill your heart with gratitude and appreciate your strength.



Coach Jentry

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