I once had a client tell me that every day before she goes to her sunrise workout, she would stare into the mirror and hate on herself. It was so heartbreaking to hear. Not only is this person one of the most genuine and generous people you could ever meet, she is very beautiful.

There is no one shape or size that defines beauty, and what we may see as a flaw may actually be considered an asset to someone else. Insecurity can be made into a positive outlook by challenging ourselves to change that which we are insecure about, but that does not mean that we need to hate on who we are. Change is most lasting when it comes from a good place in our hearts; a desire to be our best rather than to be something we think we are not.

Our true beauty is reflected in how we treat others, in how we interact with the world and how we leave any situation better for having had us pass through. Physical beauty may dull in time, but inner beauty shines through everything else. The most important conversations happen between us… and us. These thoughts define our character and determine how we see ourselves in relationship to the outside world. Choose wisely. There is only one you, so be kind!

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To your whole health,

Coach Michelle