You know i love supporting my local stores, especially the mom and pop like Forward Motion. I did visit there today in the hopes to find a red shirt (our team color is red this weekend for the Tough Mudder), but came up empty handed. Not one red shirt. :/

So I followed Chad’s advice and visited Zappos online. This is one great shop. I have used Zappos for shoes before, but never for workout gear.

I was able to narrow down my search by style, color and brand – plus a bunch of other options I didnt use, too many to count! Click here to see my search for a tank top, in  red, by Nike. Instantly I had a bunch of options I liked.

As well, when you click on the item you want to buy, you have the option of seeing multipule views, as well as watching a video of a model moving in the shirt. You can even get the exact models stats so you know better how it will fit on you. So cool!

I was a bit concerned that having placed the order at 3 on Tuesday I would receive it on Friday. This would not be good; we are leaving for the TM on Friday morning! When I called the customer help line to find out how long shipping would take, they upgraded me to VIP and told me I will get free overnight shipping on every order I place from here forward, and that my shirt will be here on Thursday. And get this, if i don’t like it, they pay the shipping back!

I just wanted to share this excellent experience with all of you; someone at Zappos is REALLY listening to their customer; hope I am as satisfied with the purchase. :)
:) Coach M