There is always some new health craze, right? With so much information out there its easy to just jump from gravy train to train and take a ride. Some trains go great places, some go in circles, and some go places that you really do not want to go. Choose wisely!

When it comes to your health there is no silver bullet. These are great reminders for all of us and they are all linked to each other in some way. Eat well and you will see improvements in all the other areas. Exercise without sleep, bad idea. Can’t sleep, exercise! Stressed out? Are you getting enough sleep or eating too much junk? A healthy balance is where we can find peace.

1) Get good sleep. This is a great article on how sleep affects your health!

2) Eat nutrient rich food. As many of you know I eat plant strong! I think its the bees knees and you should try it.

3) Exercise & Stretch. Try a free gumsaba outdoor fitness or yoga class!

4) REST & recovery. This is an area that many people who exercise vigorously leave blank! It is essential for longevity.

5) Reduce stress. All of the above will help reduce stress, but if it lingers you may need some tips to help you manage and reduce it.


There is no magic remedy for a great outlook on life. Paying attention to these 5 areas of your life and you will notice positive changes big and small!

Much Love, Coach M