As many of you know we are kicking it up a notch so that by Summer 2011 you will be in the best shape of your life if you keep coming to class. What better gift could you give yourself!?

Today we did a 400 reps total workout called Be MY Valentine! Your goal is to complete it in 30 minutes. The fastest time of the day was 22:57.

You will need a mat, free weights, jumprope and a timer.

Warm up for at least 5 minutes and stretch your quads, calves, hips arms and wrists. Set your timer and get started.

10 Tapping Push Up – Do a push up and tap your RT shoulder with your LT hand at the top, repeat other side. This would be 2 reps,

10 Jump Lunge – Start in Lunge position. Both feet should leave the ground at the same time and then switch. Land so that your front knee is over your ankle and your back knee is bent. Each jump counts as one.

10 Hop Over ½ Burpee – Feet shoulder width, hop to your left, do a 1/2 burpee (go down to high plank hop back in so that your feet land flat and your legs are wide with your knees right over your ankles) then hop to your right and repeat 1/2 burpee. This would be 2 reps.

10 Walking Lunge – Make sure your front knee is over your ankle. Weight should not exceed the front heel.

10 Break dance Push Up – Turn your mat sideways. Start in crabwalk position ( sit on your mat and put hands and feet on the ground – press your pelvis up) Roll to your right side (while keeping your body off the ground) and keep your right foot up while you do a push up. Turn back to the center and then roll over to the left, keeping your left foot up do a push up. This would be 2 reps.

10 Jack Rabbit – jump into your good squat, landing with your weight in your heels. hop back twice to your original position. This would be one rep.

10 Knee Tucks – Get in your high plank. Tuck your RT knee to your LT elbow while keeping your body as flat as possible. Repeat with LT knee to RT elbow. This would be 2 reps.

10 Korean Jumping Jacks – Start with feet shoulder width. With RT foot, step slightly to your RT, LT foot will extend back into a cross lunge. Keep your back up straight. Repeat other side, this would be 2 reps.

10 Dips – Use a solid bench.  Face away from it with your feet on the ground and your hands on the edge of the bench. Dip as low as you can and come back up . This would be one rep.

10 Wall Sit Bicep Curl – You will need free weights 10 – 20 lbs each. Sit against a wall so that your thighs and shins are at a 90 degree angle, your heels directly under your knees. Curl the weight in alternation (5 each arm)

Skip Rope 100X

Repeat this sequence 4 times for a total of

400 reps and 400 skips.

Enjoy the video of the Sunrise class doing Be MY Valentine!

Wishing you a healthy life, filled with what you love today,  and every day!

🙂 Coach M