Bad habits. They come in all shapes and colors. That negative self talk, the crappy relationship, the urge to splurge…we full well know that we shouldn’t be doing what we are doing, but somehow we keep doing it.

So many emotions and memories are attached to our deeply ingrained habits. It can seem almost impossible to break them. The thing is though, it’s not. Impossibility is an illusion we build in our minds to keep us in our comfort zone. The excuses we make for our habits are like walls that we build to protect ourselves from reality, when really they are blocking the light! Breaking those walls will only happen when we admit to making excuses, stop making them and start being totally honest with ourselves. It takes only a small crack for the light to shine through.

Once the light shines on your habit, its time for total commitment. Ask those you love for help. (Trust me, they will definitely be on board and chances are you may help them break some bad). Most importantly, find a REALLY GREAT reason to quit that shit for good. Then keep coming back to that really great reason every time the tiniest thought of that habit enters your mind. Each time you defeat the habit you break down the barrier you built, and allow more light into your life.

Habits are not powerful, YOU ARE. Fear of change is totally understandable, but letting that fear stop you from growing is not acceptable. You get one life. LIVE IT. Be honest with yourself and those you love. No excuses, no comfort zone, no boundaries. Let that shit go. 

I write this in memory of those who let their bad habits ruin their lives, and to myself… I too struggle to find a balance in this life. Its not easy, but every day I get better at it, and that is all that needs to happen. Every day and more light shines in to let me know I am going the right direction.

Here’s to being brutally honest, getting in the drivers seat and plowing full speed ahead in the direction of your wildest most fantastic dreams.

To your health & with love,

Best, 🙂 Coach M


There’s nothing like a beautiful sunrise to inspire a positive change!


Breaking Bad DIY
Equipment: Jumprope, weights, mat, timer.

Part 1:Warm up well with dynamic movement for 5 minutes.

Part 2: Full Rom Set – Perform 3 Rounds

6 Renegade Rows

8 Glute Bridge Fly

10 Sumo Hi Pulls

30 Skips on Jumprope


Part 3: Metcon AMRAP 24 Minutes

6 Burpees

12 Alternating Split Fly

12 Box Jumps (Mod Alt Step Up with weight)

6 Diamond Push Ups

12 Thrusters

12 Walking Lunges

400M RUN


Part 4: Core Endurance –  Perform 3 Rounds

6 Oblique Figure 4 Crunch R

6 Oblique Figure 4 Crunch L

12 Mountain Climbers

12 Reverse Crunch

24 Slow Bicycles

24 GB Pulse

Part 5: Cool Down Static Stretching: Glutes Hips, Chest, Shoulders, Hams, Quads.

Gumsaba Fitness Class schedule Wednesday 8/12/15

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Michelle – Met Con AMRAP

6AM Sunup Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Met Con AMRAP

8:15AM Sunrise Moraga Womens only Class – Coach Briana – Met Con AMRAP

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens only class – Coach Jentry – MET CON AMRAP

11:00AM Cytosport Boot camp Lite Benicia – Coach Joel (private class) MET CON AMRAP

12:00PM Cytosport Boot camp Benicia – Coach Joel (private class) MET CON AMRAP

2PM Cytosport Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Coach Michelle D. (private class)