Heres something to really shake you up! Thanks to coach Lance for putting this together, its a DOOZIE!

You will need:

interval timer

free weights


Set your timer for 1 minute work, 20 seconds rest, 24 rounds

You will go through the following set 6 times.

1 minute Mountain Wo/man


20 second rest

1 minute Double toe touch Leg Raise

20 second rest

1 minute Weighted Walking Lunge (curl optional)

20 second rest

1 minute V Crunch (alternate sides each round, so you will do 3 rounds right and 3 rounds left)

repeat 6 times!

Recording your reps in each round keeps you on track, and is a great way to judge your progress and challenge yourself. Don’t forget to to laugh instead of cry.

🙂 Coach M