What a weekend! The Saturday class was absolutely spectacular…the excellent weather, the fantastic attitudes, the awesome effort…I could not be more pleased or proud of the Saturday class. We worked mobility at the beginning and end of class and the pain was surprising to some of you all! Make sure to continue to apply mobility daily. Click here for some reminder videos! In case you need to get your sweat on, a DIY workout is below. You will need a mat, weights, jumprope and a timer! I use an interval training app that allows me to work without having to check a timer. Enjoy your week and keep up the greatness! 🙂 Coach M

Cardio Core Blast!

Part 1: Warm up with dynamics and light stretching. 

Part 2: 3 rounds

5 burpees

10 V ups

15 Squats

1 Shuttle Run

Part 3: HIIT INTERVAL: 15 seconds work, 10 seconds rest 8 Rounds

High Knees vs Plank Up Downs

JOG 400M

Part 4: 3 rounds

6 Get ups

10 Push Ups

16 Walking Lunges

20 Mountain Climbers

100M out and back Run

Part 5: HIIT Core 8 rounds

Bicycles vs Low Plank

Jog 200M

Part 6: 3 rounds

5 navy seal ups

10 Renegade Rows

15 Sumo Hi Pull

20 Skaters

Part 7: TABATA 20/10 8 rounds

Jumprope (mod Box jump or step up)

Side Plank Rotation extension R

Side Plank Rotation extension L

Reverse Crunch


Part 8: STRETCH 10 mins!!!