If it’s fat loss you’re after, a little bit goes a long way. A short break from your exercise routine, a few more bites, an occasional splurge and unwanted fat arrives. A more mindful calorie intake, some more movement throughout the day and low and behold, it goes.

A pound of fat is worth 3500 calories. If you intake just 100 calories more on average than you output, you will gain 1 pound of fat in 35 days. The opposite is also true. Create a  100 calorie deficit every day for 35 days, and you’ll say goodbye to a pound of fat.

SUSTAINABLE fat loss happens when we combine ENOUGH movement and MODERATE caloric restriction.

A 500 calorie deficit per day is what it takes to lose 1 pound of fat per week (3500/500=7). Studies on fat loss show that a 250-500 calorie per day deficit is the most effective way to maintain fat loss. Lose too much to fast and it usually backfires.

To figure out your sustainable fat loss goal, use the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) calculator HERE, then plug your numbers into the model below. You can get an estimate of your workout(s) caloric burn here if you don’t have a smart watch.

Sustainable Fat Loss Math
Goal: 10 pounds of fat loss
Time Frame: 10 weeks
Required Deficit: 3500 calories per week (500/day)

Average Daily Output: 1900 Calorie
Exercise: 600 + RMR: 1300

Average Daily Intake (food and drinks): 1400 calories
Breakfast 300, Lunch 400, Dinner 400, Snacks 300.

1900 Calorie Output – 1400 Intake = 500 Calorie deficit

Check out this quick video if you are interested in making sustainable fat loss happen for you. Do the math, and stick to the plan. Be patient, you and your health are worth the work!

To your health, Coach Michelle

PS:  It goes without saying that food quality matters. Eat Whole Foods, and you can expect more sustainable results.