Contrary to paleo preachers, fruits are not the enemy. Fruits are a delicious source of energy and hydration, packed with micro nutrients and vitamins. The fiber in fruit helps the body digest the sugar, and fruit sugar releases slowly in the body, creating long term energy flow.

Let’s peel back the fads and get to the facts about fruit! 

When people say ”bananas are bad” I say fake news! Fully ripe, their glycemic index is only 11, (a high GI value is considered 20). Bananas are loaded with nutritional value and they are super versatile. Whip them into a nice cream, add them to a smoothie, slice them atop toast, dip them in almond butter, add them to oatmeal or cereal. Any way you slice them, bananas are great for active bodies.

Grapefruit is known as the healthiest fruit in the world, proven to reduce in insulin resistance and promote weight loss among a slew of other benefits.

One of the most healthy brain foods on the planet is berries, and studies show just about any berry will benefit the brain.

Enjoy fruits that you might otherwise pass over like papayas, which are loaded with vitamins and digestive enzymes. Dragonfruit, açaí, passion fruit, guava, mango, pineapple… step into a new isle and try a new fruit this week!

Try adding fruit to your water.  Click here for some fresh ideas.

Check out Coach Jentry ‘s YUMMY Watermelon Berry salad recipe. 

To the sweet life and to day 25 of the Gumsaba New Year Reset!

🙂 Coach M