We have gumsabafied the Filthy Fifty, and of course made it WAY MORE FABULOUS!

Have a blast and record your time.


50 box jumps

50 Triceps Press

50 Cross toe touch sit up PAIRS (100 total reps, 50 each side alternating)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Push Press

50 Reverse Crunch Ab Burners (do one reverse crunch and put your feet down, then do 1 ab burner. This is 1 rep, do 50 total!

50 Explosive Squats

50 Supine pull over ( I did kipping pull ups instead – if you have a pull up bar at home do pull ups instead!)

50 Burpees 

50 Double Unders (dont have a video for this one yet, but we do these in class a lot so use your knowledge. Pass the rope 2 times under every time you jump. Dont land hard! If you cant manage to get it done, do 200 rope skips with high knees)


Enjoy! 🙂

Coach Michelle’s time 20:03