A little break from the rain with some much needed sunshine calls for a DIY HIIT Bodyweight celebration!  So gather up your mat, weights, jumprope, timer, a friend, your fierce Friday attitude, and work up a good, hardy sweat.

Fitness Friday: DIY HIIT Bodyweight

Equipment: Band, Jumprope, Mat, Timer

Part 1: Warm Up 10 each

Calf Raises with Arm Swings – Alternating Hip Circles – Butt Kickers – Sampson Stretches 

– Toy Soldiers – Windmills – 200M Jog

Part 2: Functional Patterns

Band on thighs:

5 Sets Cat Cow

15 Glute Bridge Hip Extensions 

15 Clamshell R/15L

15 Supermans

30 March in place – track hip width knees

15 Squats

Part 3: Timed Intervals 

Set 1: 50 work/10 rest – 1 round

Bird Dog Switch

Glute Bridge Hold

Inchworm Push Ups 

Alternating Step Back Lunges

Sumo Squats

Set 2: 30 work/15 rest Perform 3X

Alternating Lateral Lunges

Hi Plank Knee tucks

Wall Sit 

Hi Plank Jacks

Boat Pose

Low Plank Body Saw 

Prisoner Squats


Part 4: Met Con Rounds…Do 3-5 rounds of this set: 

10 Burpees 

10 V Ups

Part 5: Go to Gumsaba.com/client for these mobility exercises:

Deep Glute Stretch 

Piriformis Release

Anytime you push your body, nourishing it with the right fuel becomes paramount for your health and recovery.  And, rather than focusing on the minutia of macronutrient ratios or total calories, I encourage you to shine the spotlight on whole, nutrient-rich, plant foods.  A great way to up your plant game is with a Big Fat Green Salad.  This bountiful bowl of greens, beans, seeds, fruit, and nuts will surely fill you up and provide the nutrients your cells crave.

Thrive on!

Coach Jentry