It’s that time of week where we reflect on the past 7 days and evaluate our progress. It is likely that there are some things that are still going well, and some things that are getting harder to manage or keep up with.

Objective reflection gives us an opportunity to see clearly where we may have over committed, address circumstances where better planning may have helped, and modify goals based on this new knowledge.

This week your assignment is to give me an update on your original challenge intentions. If they have been slightly revised, that’s great! Send me the revised version. If you have totally jumped ship, I want to know that, too! No shame in that at all. There may be something I can do to throw you a lifesaver, or at least give you accountability and any tools that might help you get to back on board for the rest of the month. 

As we move into the last week of the challenge, I want to help you find the most sustainable version of what you have been doing that is working for you, so that you can actually make these intentional shifts last.

To your health,

:) Coach Michelle