We spent some time taming the beast that is our backyard this weekend! My awesome Dad got up early on easter morning to drive his tractor over so we could get this beast of a yard back under control. With the growth of Gumsaba there just hasnt been time enough to get it done. Luckily the tractor made about THREE days worth of work into ONE. OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP WALNUT CREEK, CA

Growing your own food is healthy for the mind and body. There is something incredibly wonderful about watching your food develop and literally reaping what you sow that is very fulfilling. This year we are trying to grow smart by planting more of what we are using day to day, and less of what we are not. Yes, it was great to have a giant pumpkin last year, but we want to minimize water use and gopher disasters! Our attempt at this is a cinder block box with mole wire under it. In each of the cinder blocks we planted lettuce and radicio. Since the gopehers dont like to eat our onions and peppers, we planted those right in the ground. We also noticed that the bees were loving some of our weeds, so we kept patches of them, mainly the clover since slugs like it. We also left our old bean crop to draw the slugs away from the main dish so to speak!


There really is nothing like 8 hours of heavy gardening for a workout, but here is something comparable in case you are curious:


Equipment: Mat or grass

Go outside and do 5 rounds of:

10 walking lunges

10 squats

10 triceps dips

10 push ups

10 get ups

10 cross toe touch sit ups

10 mountain climber pairs

Here is a video before we started, and photo after of the progress on our home garden. Plant a garden this spring for  your family, there are some great resources out there to get you started. Click here to visit one now! OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP WALNUT CREEK, CA