It can get amazingly chilly at camp in the winter, especially during the Sunrise classes. Its very VERY important that you have the proper attire on so that you don’t get sick, and so your systems can function at their best. We have a Sports Basement discount for Gumsaba of 10%, just say it when you check out. Otherwise, there is a wide variety of great gear at Zappos, and their return policy is fantastic.

Please come to class going forward with the following gear on:

hat (this is SO important, you can always take it off; you need it-  in the cold your heat will escape from your head)

gloves (there is nothing as bad as freezing hands – another MUST).

long sleeve base layer  your muscles need to stay warm, and chill easily from the cold. Give them what they need with a base layer.

 Wind Breaker the wind adds a significant chill factor during the winter, so having a wind breaker is essential.

Its also really important that you drink plenty of water in the winter months. Most of us tend to pull back, if only because we aren’t super hot like the summertime. This is no way to treat your hard working body, so make sure you replace your fluids after you work out with plenty of water.