I’m super excited to welcome back Coach James! James runs the Tuesday and Friday 5:30am classes at Los Cerros, and he is truly beloved by our community. He is the father of an adorable kido, and I really appreciate him taking the time to do this work while he is managing the little one!

Stay healthy, stay home…let’s flatten this curve!

Gumsaba Home Bound Bootcamp –  HIIT Bodyweight*

Equipment: You will need a mat and band.

Part 1: Warm Up: 10 each

Shin Grabs – Hip Rolls – Hip Hinges – Calf Raises – Toy Soldiers – Samson Stretches

Part 2: Bands on thighs, 1X 

20 Squats

40 High Knees 

10 Squats

20 Hi Knees 


10 Supermans 

Part 3: Bodyweight HIIT 20/10, 3X

Jack Squat

Push Ups

V Ups 

Plank Jacks

Spring Jacks

Hi Plank Knee Tucks

Boat Pose

Jumping Jacks

Speed Punches

Alternating Front Kicks 

Glute Bridge Marches

Hi Plank Shoulder Taps

Low Plank Body Saw

Low Plank Hold 

Part 4: 4X

6e Sprinter Start

6 Burpees

6e V Crunch

6 Get Ups (mod navy seal up)

12 Step Ups

Part 5: Stretching – Hold 1 min. each side

Quadruped T Spine Twist

Down Dog

Forward Bend

Quad Stretch

Deltoid Stretch

  • the written workout may be slightly different than the video.