Today was another awesome day at GUMSABA! The 12 days of Christmas/8 Days of Hanukkah workout was a toughie! If you didnt get a change to come to class, get ‘er done!

Enjoy the photos, and congrats to all of you on a year well done!

Sunrise Class awards:

Most Improved: Kelly Sessions

Can Do attitude: Deb Blumhardt

Most Consistent: Deb Forsberg

Hot New Comer: Kimberly Colbourn

Sunrise Girl: Jennifer Chamberlin

Sunshine Class Awards:

Most Improved: Courtney Mathews

Can Do Attitude: Deb Mc Crory

Most Consistent: Adrienne Bloom

Hot New Comer: Deborah Thurin

Sunshine Girl: Judy Blonde

Thank you all for making this year so special. It was a tough one for me personally. Each and every one of you are a ray of light that played a huge part in getting though the passing of my dear mom. I feel so fortunate to have the privilage of working with you all!!!


12 Days Of Christmas DIY

Do 12 of each exercise the first round, then 11 of each, 10… all the way to 1 of each for a total of 78 reps each exercise!

You will need a mat, weights or Kettle bell, and a jump rope.

Double Unders (pass jumprope 2X under on one hop! Or just skip rope 2X as many reps)

Spring Jacks

Leg Raise

Kettle Bell Swing

Get Ups

L Sit ups

Push ups

Navy Seal Up