Without change, life could not exist. Resisting change is like ignoring an inevitable storm on the horizon. Instead, why not try to go with the storm? Yes, that thought can be scary, but the storm is coming right at us anyway! So why not take this opportunity to try and make the storm work for us

This simple, task oriented approach to any problem can help diffuse feelings of anxiety and worry, allowing us the opportunity to see solutions arise, even in the presence of a great storm. We will see what we can not see when we hide or when we look the other way. It takes courage to look into the eye of the storm, to face a problem head on. No one ever said life was easy. That doesn’t mean it can be a great sail…

Depending on how we practice living, a big storm will blow us in the direction we seek or sweep us into a dark and ominous abyss only to leave us lost in the sea of our emotions. We can prepare for life’s great storms daily.  Exercise strengthens our stress response, helping us remain calm as the little storms come and go. A well rested, balanced person will definitely weather a big storm better. On top of this, the consistent practice of emotional control will keep us on course through the darkest times.  On the other hand, if we practice “freaking out” every time a perceived negative change occurs, we will not be able to manage any storm well.  Instead, we can choose calm. When emotions run high, see if you can forgive and let go. No one is perfect, so allow people space for mistakes, including yourself.

Never forget that life is much more than what we see on our horizon. We all travel through dark waters. Someone you know,  someone you pass by on the street may be in one of those times. Be kind, show love and respect for their journey. Give each other, give yourself, the space needed to navigate. Let little things go without giving them the power to upset you. You know those wasted emotions only make the waters murky. Let a gentle calm arise with the realization that that life itself could not exist without change.

To your health, Coach Michelle


Remember what matters most, your health, family, friends…everything else is just a bonus!


Part 1: Warm Up

10 Calf Raises with Arm Swings

10 Alternating Hip Circles

10 Butt Kickers

10 Sampson Stretches

10 Toy Soldiers

400M Jog

Part 2: ROM Intervals 60/10

Sit Down & Stand ups (Progression: Single leg alternating )


GB Hold 30 seconds/GBHE 30

Hi Plank to Down dog

Put band on thighs: 30 second rounds


Butt Kickers


Butt Kickers

Part 3: Medium Intensity Intervals

Set 1: 50/25 1X


Alternating GBHE

Reverse Crunch

Inchworm Push Ups

Low Plank

Set 2: 30/15 2X

Jumping Jacks

Step Ups



Set 3: 30/15 2X

Low Jacks

Overhead Step Back Lunges with Jumprope


Pulsing Squats

Part 4: High Intensity + Dynamic Cardio

Set 1: 20/10 2X

Mountain Climbers

Bulgarian Lunge R (back foot elevated, front shin vertical

Bulgarian Lunge L

Wall Sit

Set 2: 20/10 2X

V Ups

Side Plank R ISO

Ab Burners

Side Plank L ISO

Part 5: Cool Down Run & Stretch with jumpropes.