Hello There! What a gorgeous weekend we had here in the Bay Area. I had the privilege of teaching the Saturday class this weekend, and I know a lot of you were thinking of me on Sunday!

Today we will focus on addressing stability in the area that controls the position of the shoulder blade. Since we are ALL on our computers more nowadays, we are at risk of giving our joints odd jobs they aren’t meant for. The glenohumeral (GH) and scapulothoracic (ST) joints – more commonly known as the shoulder and shoulder blade respectively – are tasked with quite a lot of function. The GH joint is much more mobile, meant to move in every plane of motion, whereas the ST joint is tasked with stability. When we sit and type, like I am now, the rounding of our shoulders creates a destabilized ST joint, putting it into a forward tilt. The GH joint also takes a hit, sitting in one plane of motion overly stabilized. The self myofascial release we perform today will help release the shoulder blade to its optimal position, taking some stress off of the GH joint. Therefore, this is a great mobility drill for anyone who sits or uses a computer/smartphone.

Without further a due, roll with me!

Wishing you all the health and wellness your hard working body and mind deserve.

Cheers, Coach M

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