Good Day Y’all! Hope you enjoyed the weekend despite the restrictions.When all else fails, I like to remind myself that it could always be worse, so I don’t dare tempt fate by being ungrateful for the moment I am having. I know its not ideal, but its totally doable. We are doing well here in California, so let’s keep it up and not have to deal with this again in the fall. The more we take action now to flatten the curve, the better off the future will be. The MOST important thing that we can do is care for our health while in quarantine with nutrition, hydration, fitness and rest.

Today’s mobility will make activities like squats, sprints and  walking up stairs more doable with less or no restriction/pain. Remember that pain is usually the symptom of the problem rather than the source, so even if you don’t have pain in the areas we address, your body will likely function more optimally when you are done. If you do feel a lot of pain during this mobility drill, back off the pressure and keep addressing it. Pain is an indicator that you are on the right track.

On an entirely different note,  I will fulfill my commitment to publicizing my 3 wins for today Monday May 4. Join me in commenting to 3 things you will do every day this month to make each day a win and stop the weeks from being so blurry!

  1. Start back up with pull-ups without assistance – my collarbone is feeling ready.
  2. Plant 6 seedlings
  3. Repeat this mobility drill!

Stay well, stay strong and use this time to be a bigger bad ass than you already are because that is how we roll at GUMSABA!

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Cheers, Coach M