Get in on the #gumsaba2017 New Year Challenge! Today is the first day of the challenge and the last day to sign up. Though you may win a nice sum of cash, (the pot is up to $280!) that isn’t what this challenge is about. It’s about being accountable for changes you want to make in your life and taking action to get at it. It’s also about inspiring others to make their journey that much better with your inspiration. Check out the details below and sign up HERE before 5pm TODAY, 1/9/17. The Gumsaba Accountability FB group has seen a lot of action this past week with all the excitement of the New Year. Whether you join the challenge or not please join the group! We need your support!

There are many things in the world that you, that we, have no control over. What we DO have control over is what we do with our minds, bodies and spirits! One of the BEST ways to get committed to fitness is to commit to an event. From running club to Spartan Races of all distances to 5k’s and more, Gumsaba has a team and we want you ON IT! Click here to check out our upcoming events and sign up.

Last, your Gumsaba Coaching team is on board. We had our bi-annual meet up this past weekend and we are all revved up to help you make 2017 your best year yet.

Coaches Joel, Michelle, Bri, Karen, Carrie, James and Jentry have your back!

To your health, 🙂 Coach M

Gumsaba New Year 2017 Challenge!

Who: Open to everyone, members and non. 

What: A challenge to motivate you to make 2017 your best year yet

When: Starts 1/9/17 Ends 2/10/17 – Commitment must be made by Monday 1/9. 

Where: Post a photo with the hashtag #gumsaba2017 on Instagram or Facebook 

Why: To unleash your potential on 2017!

And now for the How…

All participants commit to the following:

To win: Garner the most points

What do you win: The cash pot!

Cost to participate is $20 cash and must be given to COACH Michelle directly at some point during the challenge. The sooner the better. 

Commitment includes:

  1. Commit to 3 workouts per week that are appropriate for your fitness level. These can be bootcamp, at a gym on your own, or anywhere you want to do it. They can include include walking, jogging, cycling, hiking, yoga, fitness class, etc. Duration of workout must be at least 30 minutes.  Workouts must be recorded per #3. Each workout is worth 10 points. You can workout as many times as you like per week, but only 3 workouts per week are worth points! Total 150 pts possible. 
  2. Set 3 attainable, short term goals to be accomplished by 2/10/17. These can be any goal toward a better you, be as specific as possible. Record your progress with photos! Each goal set is worth 20 points (total 60 points possible). To keep the points, accomplish the goal! Some examples: drink 80 ounces of water per day…decrease waist size 1”… perform x number of pull ups…walk 30 minutes each day on top of my workout…read a book…write in journal 5x per week…
  3. RECORD YOUR JOURNEY. Post your progress with #gumsaba2017 on instagram or better yet, in our Facebook Accountability Group  to qualify for the grand prize! It is critical that you #gumsaba2017 to get points because that is how they will be tracked. Ideas: a photo of your water bottle with a caption, a photo on a hike or walk, an after class group shot, whatever… you get the picture! Each post is worth 5 points. One post per day maximum. Total 150 pts possible. 
  4. Watch for 4 bonus point opportunities that will be sent via your preferred communication method. 40 bonus points possible! Note: bonus point tasks will be sent via your preferred method of contact.

Total points possible in the challenge = 400!