So this is week one. I am incredibly grateful for you taking this trip with me, for sharing your insights, your trials and your victories. Keep it coming.

When I first began to open my eyes to the world on this new day, I laid in bed thinking about what I might write today. Should I tell you about my dreams? Should I give you a new method of this or that? Then the pre dawn cat fight started out my window, so I jumped out of bed and broke it up, as I always do. Now, here I sit, a few moments later, with a general idea of what needs to be said.

My whole life I have been making excuses for what I don’t have or what I didn’t do. I’ve decided that that narrative is not getting me where I need to go, and at 45 years old, I’m done. It’s time for me to be proud of all the things I have done, of the people I have helped, of the animals I have saved, of the life I have lived. Why have I sabotaged myself like this? Because I didn’t want to brag? Nope. Its certainly not because Im afraid of the spotlight.

I’m no longer afraid to admit that I have lived an awesome life. I am a great friend, I am an gifted athlete. I am a caring and committed coach. I put others interests right beside with my own. I am a leader and a team player. I am a strong, I have traveled the world and fought in several countries and secured the title of National and World Champion in my sport. I have used that strength to help young women find the courage to stand up and defend themselves. I sing in a band and write great music. I am independent woman who has started and run several successful businesses. I am a hard worker, and I have no quit in me. I am a fighter through and through.

Phew. That was uncomfortable to write and even more so to read back. But I needed it. I have been living under a safe layer of cover that allowed me not to step into my own so that just in case I failed, no spotlight would be shining on me. But why? I have failed as much as I have succeeded, and it doesn’t matter because that is who I really am.

I want to hear YOU now. Tell me how amazing your life is. It’s time we shed all the layers that cover up our greatness and step out of our comfort zone. We will never be great until we actually admit we are.

Well, here goes. Im going to punish this knowing that one or more people will think I am bragging, and I will likely think about that for several days. Might as well stand here naked! 😳

Here’s to our greatness, to shedding the layers we don’t need so that we can live our truth to its fullest.

Coach M