Hello and Happy Saturday! What a glorious storm we had this past week, bringing lots of much needed water and snow. We have a short break between storms, so I hope you are out enjoying this LOVELY day in some way!

This week we worked on core awareness (as usual) and did some workouts that isolated regions of the body. You may have found yourself pretty sore! If you find that you are super duper sore, like abnormally sore, take a rest day. When I say rest day, I mean walking stretching, but no heavy lifting or multiple repetitions.

The #gumsaba2017 and #cyto2017 challenges are heading into week 2. As the days pass you may find it difficult to stick with the original plan or goal. That may mean reworking your goals to make them more manageable. For example, I had originally committed to drinking 80oz of water a day, but felt that 70 was plenty, so I changed that number, and that’s ok! This is about doing what is possible, and not letting the things that are getting in your way stop you from making the changes that are work for you.

We had an awesome Saturday Class at Rudgear Park in Walnut Creek today. Check out the photos and remember, if you ever want to join in the fun, class runs 8:30-9:30AM and is Co-ed!

Last, we have a running club meet up tomorrow at the reservoir. Bring friends and family if you like – walk or run or both…its up to YOU! Just get out and enjoy this beautiful weekend.

Happy Saturday,
:) Coach Michelle

Gumsaba Fitness Class schedule Saturday 01/15/17

8:30AM Gumsaba Running Club – Coach Karen – Lafayette Reservior – Meet in the parking lot by the little building in the center.