“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine”.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was one of those people who said “I could never do it”, and here I am on day 22 of the Cambiati Wellness cleanse, and I’m doing alright.  Miracles can happen. 🙂

The reason I did the cleanse was to even out my energy and come up with a plan to stop coping with my emotions with wine and junk food. Vegan junk food, you say? YES. Read the ingredients to Boca Vegan “chickn’ nuggets and I rest my case. Over all, I just want to be a better leader so that I can take you all on a road to success. I didn’t try to lose weight, but it is inevitable without the wine and snacking. Im actually taking in more food than I was before, just different and more nutritious.

With all that I have going on emotionally right now,  I expected this cleanse would bring out toxins from my body and toxic emotions too; boy was I right. Last night all of my emotions about my mom’s death and about my life, came flooding like a river.  For far too long I have been afraid to even think about how I am feeling. It felt so cleansing to bawl my eyes out and let go. Without the need to worry about my mom, my focus has shifted on to me; now I have to think about MY problems!? This is a new ballgame – a new league, unexplored territory. Chad was a wonderful listener while I, through a nose full of snot and eyes pouring tears, tore through my baggage like a TSA security agent on crack. He told me that, in spite of any preconceived notions I may have, he loves me and all that baggage I carry.  It was a long night, there were many  knives and matches long lost in my baggage, but no bombs after all!  Today, I am all the more thankful and empathetic to all people. I feel closer to myself that ever before, and hey, I’m not so bad after all! 🙂

I’m proud to say that my numbers from the cleanse are great – but more importantly, I feel a clarity of mind and spirit that I was no where near only 23 days ago.


day 1 and day 22 (end of week 3):

Day 1 weight: 129.01

Day 22 weight: 125.01

Day 1 fat mass: 20.01 lbs

Day 22 fat mass: 15.41 lbs

Day 1 fat free mass: 109.01 lbs

Day 22 fat free mass: 109.61 lbs

Day 1 Body Water %: 61.87%

Day 22 Body Water %: 64.17%

Day 1 Body fat %: 15.5%

Day 22 Body fat %: 12.3%

I’ll post my after photos next Wed,  on day 28. If you want info on the cleanse email me michelle@gumsaba.com and I will forward it to you.  If you have ever struggled with your weight, or food patterns, energy, are an emotional eater, drinker, this can help you. Heck, even I could do it, and honestly, I never thought I could. They make it really manageable, and I am happy to be your coach so you are set up, as much as possible, for success yourself. 🙂 Coach M