The start of week 2 is a great time to assess the victories and challenges of week 1, to further refine our intentions.

If something worked well, why do you think it did?

If something went astray, what led it there?

It turns out that habit forming is easy when, it’s easy. Often times we set goals that are just too big, too soon. Thought missing a day of exercise or tripping up on that intention to avoid sugar all together is not  the end of the world, it might be too much of a commitment all at once.

Studies show that we take to change more readily when it fits easily into our brains and our schedules. So, if getting 30 minutes of exercise every day didn’t happen, maybe try ONE. Yes, ONE. When it comes to building healthy habits, something is better than nothing, and too much can be the cause of so called failure.

So, grab your TRX and do ONE minute of the TRX warm up. Get your roller and roll for ONE minute. Take ONE minute to meditate. Whatever it is the is not working, try condensing it to one minute, just this week, and see how it goes.

Cheers to week 2!

:) Coach Michelle