You may have heard me talk about the various joints in the body that correlate with stability and the ones that correlate with mobility. The hip is one of our mobile joints; a ball in socket joint that allows motion in many planes. Some hips are more mobile than others, this has to do with genetics –  bone and joint structure, tension of ligaments and tendons and even the tension of skin can play a role. This great article by movement fix is about the different structures of human hips and how this dictates our foundational movement.

Stretching your hips is an important part of your fitness routine, especially when you do plenty of squatting, lunging and then sitting during the day! This stretch is very beneficial for hips and may also relieve pain in your low back if tight hips are causing the lumbar spine to over mobilize.

Click here to watch Coach M lead Coach Joel through Deep Hip Stretch – do this before the Piriformis release for extra credit!

deep hip

Coach Joel doing the deep hip stretch. See more on our you tube page!

Happy Stretching! :) Coach Michelle

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