Our pelvic position is dictated by 4 groups of muscles: the quadriceps, hamstrings, rectus abdominus and the back extensors. Any dominance in one or more of these groups, or for that matter, any weakness, can lead to common problems like low back pain, knee pain and even poor posture. Balance is what its all about, so today, we shall tech out a neutral pelvic position.

It is important to note that this neutral position should be prioritized in all movements, particularly any overhead movements and plank positions.

Neutral pelvis may seem like a no brainer, but because so many of us sit for a good part of the day, we suffer from tight hip flexors. This makes it harder to access and properly use one of our biggest muscle complexes, the gluteus.

Many of the exercises we use at Gumsaba for warm up and cool down are meant to correct pelvic imbalance. Cat/cow, glute bridge and superman/woman are some of them. The method below is a simple way to find neutral pelvis in a standing position.

Finding Neutral Pelvis:

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart.
  2. Place your hands on your hips with your finger tips on your frontal hip points and your thumbs wrapping around to the back of your hip bones
  3. Inhale, then as you exhale, use your core strength, pull your hip points up toward your ribs, tucking your tail bone down toward your feet. This will decrease the curve in your low back, and open up space between the vertebrae. This is “posterior pelvic tilt”.
  4. Inhale and use your back extensor strength tip your frontal hip points down, the back of your hips will rise up. This will increase the curve in your low back, and close the space between your vertebrae. This is anterior pelvic tilt. 
  5. Perform this set 5 times, each time going a little bit deeper into the motion, and by the 5th set, maximizing each of the anterior and posterior tilt positions using a nice slow breath to enhance the postures.
  6. Breathe normally, and find the place between the two extremes, where the pelvis is not tipped back or forward. This is neutral pelvis.

Pelvic TiltIf you have muscle imbalance that is more severe, you may find it difficult to move your hips into extreme tilts. Self massage, or myofascial release, (with a foam roller and or lacrosse or tennis balls), can be very helpful in releasing some of the tension that is locking up your hips.

If you have more trouble going into anterior tilthamstring release and soleus release could help you loosen up what is holding you back.

If you have more trouble going into posterior tilt, back release and quad release could help you loosen up what is holding you back.

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