To snack or fast…that is the question that so many people ask me about pre workout nutrition. Many of us get up pretty early to workout, so there is not enough time to digest  a full meal and allow your gastric intestine tract to empty, so a low glycemic snack is best. If we want to stay lean or drop weight, we have to budget these pre-workout calories. All of these ideas are sensitive to those goals. If your goal is to gain weight, then we have to discuss another plan. :)

If you have a full hour or more to digest before your workout, you want to eat about 45g of carbs. This could mean a half slice of whole wheat toast with 1T nut butter, a 1 c small simple smoothie, or a 1/4 cup of blueberries mixed with some non dairy yogurt. Dairy is hard to digest, so eating it before a workout can bring about indigestion.

If you only have 15 minutes before your workout, 10 raspberries is just enough to provide your cells the energy they need. A handful of raisins or a small cup of sugar free applesauce can do the trick, too. I keep low glycemic fruit in my cupboard to grab and go with. Make sure to avoid coffee right before your workout as it can play tricks with your adrenal glands and cause stomach upset (and make you need to run for the lou)! Instead, I opt for Arbonne fizzy sticks for a pre workout pick me up!

So what are the benefits of pre-workout snacks?

  1. Filling your glycogen stores before a workout is proven to enhance energy levels significantly, and help you maintain energy through the whole workout. When you are on a low carb diet, it is more difficult for your body to handle because glycogen stores are low.
  2. When you work out, your body breaks does muscle tissue. A solid pre workout meal or snack can prevent muscle breakdown and improve recovery. The post workout meal is important here too, which should include easily digestible protein. My go to is a protein shake with DFH sugar free powder.
  3. When you fill your tank before you workout, you are preventing low blood sugar, which can lead to feelings of light headedness when your heart rate raises.


Marcus eats before every workout! (don’t worry, i took out the core)

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