Self myo-fascial Release is an important component of any fitness routine. As we age our fascia becomes more brittle. In youth, fascia can be compared to billowy cotton candy, but as we age, the fibers become dehydrated, damaged and compressed. While it is not possible to get that billowy consistency back, we can do some work with self release to bring more circulation, hydration to the fascia and, in turn, more mobility to nearby joints. Since many of you do quite a lot of running on your own, today we will highlight some of the rolls I recommend most for runners.

  1. The Soleus is a muscle that runs underneath the large muscle of the calf (the gastrtocnemius) and attaches to the heel bone. Many injuries can be prevented by using this release before you workout, but its also a good one to do if your calves feel tight and sore or, believe it or not, if your arches hurt!

2) The Vastus Medialis release is important because fatigue of this muscle can result in knee injuries.

Click HERE For the VMO Release – for some reason You Tube is not letting me embed this video!


3) The Piriformis Release is important for runners because this muscle controls rotation of the hips. This release is an effective compliment to stretching for those who suffer from sciatic nerve pains.

To your health, Coach Michelle

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