This month has been a test of commitment and consistency. For me, it feels good to have earn this feeling of clarity, to have let go of my crutches and be free from dependence on things that don’t deserve that much of my attention. Better workouts, more energy, the ability to focus more deeply, and taking time to savor the simple daily moments are just a few bonuses I have experienced.

Modern life is extremely convenient, which of course can be great, but it can also work against us. The ability to have what we want when we want it isn’t what we humans are made for. We are built to earn. From meals to sunrises, we should have to work for these things, but door dash and elevators make these would be hard earned moments just another thing that we too often take for granted.

It’s no wonder that so many people feel unfulfilled in life when things that we should be earning come so easily. Think about something that you take for granted, and try looking at it a different way this week. Something as simple as driving to the grocery store, and picking up a perfectly ripe apple or biting into a sweet perfect strawberry. The work that went into that seemingly convenient moment, when we realize it, can change how we see and even how we taste the moment. In that moment we can change our perception and our experience of life.

Let’s make a conscious effort this week to notice the small things. Let’s put in the hard work so that on Friday we feel we have truly earned our week!

Cheers, Coach Michelle