When you’re on the cusp of getting yourself revved up for a workout, making a big change in your life, or going for something that has your nerves on edge, and you’re confronted with an endless surplus of distractions mixed with low motivation, give yourself a good old-fashioned 5-4-3-2-1 countdown and then go for it! It’s a sure-fire way to overcome any hesitation or list of excuses. It simplifies and redirects our complicated thoughts, and ultimately moves us into action. This nifty trick, also known as the 5-Second rule (coined by Mel Robbins), has worked its way into all the corners of my life and I have to say it’s a true game-changer. It seems so simple, I know. Almost too simple. But, here’s where the magic dwells; because of its simplicity, it’s able to break down all those barriers that are holding us back from achieving our goals, whether they be fitness related or not. For me, it’s procrastination that has a way of getting me all sidetracked and off course. Maybe for you it’s something else. Whatever the case may be, I encourage you to give this method a whirl and let me know how it’s working for you. Cheers!

Gumsaba Bodyweight DIY – Get After HIIT

Part 1: Warm Up with rhythmic cardio for 5 minutes: bike, walk, run, row…

Part 2: Work out the kinks

4 walkouts

8 Sampson Stretches

12 Hip Hinges

10 each: Hi Knees – Butt Kickers – Side Shuffle R/L

20 Jumping jacks

Skip – Bound – Carioca R/L

20 Skaters

Part 3: Interval Training: 30 work/10 rest and switch

Set 1: 30/10 – 3X

Prisoner Squats

Boat Pose

Low Plank

Set 2: 30/10 – 3X

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Jumping Jacks

Bird Dog Switch

Set 3: 30/10 – 3X


Push Up + Alternating T Spine Rotation

Reverse Crunches

Set 4: 30/10 – 3X

Wall Sit

Walking Lunges


Part 4: 15 minutes steady state cardio: walk, run, bike, row… 

go at a pace where you could speak a full, long sentence without taking a big gasp for air. 

Part 5: Quad and Soleus release from client portal

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry