Today, we’re talking about the almighty mantra.

Mantra is a compilation of  two words: “man,” meaning mind, and “tra,” meaning transport. In essence, mantra could be thought of as a vehicle that transports our mind to inner stillness and focus. It allows us to cultivate deep peace by transforming our squirrel brain into a spacious, serene, free-flowing environment. You don’t have to be an ancient, sanskrit-speaking yogi to create your own mantra. It could be as simple as reciting a short phrase in your head, such as “I am powerful” or “I am abundant”, during meditation or while you’re working out. Or, better yet, both. Believe in this mantra, say it with honesty and conviction, and over time you will begin to carve out new grooves in your mind, devoted to more positivity and less resistance.

Gumsaba DIY - Accumulator
Part 1: Warm up with rhythmic cardio (ie jog, bike, row) 10 minutes

Part 2: Activate with band on thighs

10 Squats

10e Side Step


10e Fire Hydrant

10 Supermans

Remove band – 2X

20 Skaters

10 Bent Rows

10 Alternating Split Fly

5 Zombie Sit Ups

Jumprope 50X

Part 3: Accumulator Sets

Set 1: Accumulate Presses ONLY – one added per set until 12 presses are complete!

1 Man Maker + Hop in and 1 Push Press

1 Man Maker + Hop in and 1 Push Press

1 Man Maker + Hop in and 3 Push Press

…each rep add 1 press until 12 are completed.

Jog 400M 
Set 2: Lunge + Run
16 Lunges – 200M Jog 
24 Lunges – 200M Jog
36 Lunges 200M Jog 
Set 3: Accumulate and then Reverse! 5-10-15-20-15-10-5
Plank Jacks + Reverse Crunches 
Part 5: AMRAP 10 Minutes
12 GB Pullover 
12 V ups
12 Low Plank Body Saw
12 Russian Twist (mod 24 Bicycles)
40y Jog 40Y Sprint 2X
Part 5: Mobility 
Calf & VMO mobility from client portal
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry