Gather ’round friends, it’s DIY time.

A few things to keep in mind before you dive in:

  1. Check in with your form – are you moving intentionally and deliberately?
  2. Check in with your breath – are you breathing fully?
  3. Check in with your mindset – ditch any limiting thoughts/beliefs (they are just old habits) and remind yourself of how awesome and powerful you are!

Gumsaba DIY Boot Camp!
Equipment: Bands, Jumprope, Mat, Dumb bells optional
Part 1: Dynamic Movement + Cardio
Calf Raises – Hip Rotations – Windmills – Squats – Shin Grabs – Heel Walk – Samson stretches  – Toe Walk  – 400M jog
Part 2: Multi Planar Reps (repeat each set 3-4X)
Set 1: Count Reps
12 Prisoner Squats
8 Push Ups
8 Plank Press Ups (mod Bird dog)
12 Russian Twist (weight optional)
Run 1 minute
Set 2: HIIT 20seconds work /10 seconds rest
Jumprope vs Side Plank Hold (each side 20 seconds)
Set 3: Count Reps
8e Step Up Balance Knee
8 Burpees
8e Side Lying V Crunch
12 Renegade Rows (mod kneeling)
Set 4: HIIT 20seconds work /10 seconds rest
Hi Plank Bird Dog Hold  (each side 20 seconds)
Sprinter Start (each side 20 seconds)
Part 3: Cool Down: 10-20 minutes rhythmic cardio – walk, jog, bike, row at moderate pace.
Part 4: IT Release & Chest Release from the client app. Repeat each one for 2 minutes.


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry