As someone who likes to switch things up, I love a good TRX suspension trainer workout. It allows for more dynamic movement, it’s focused on deep core strengthening, it’s easy on the joints, and it’s super fun!

In case you don’t have a TRX, we have a whole heap of handy dandy DIY workouts for your enjoyment.

GUMSABA DIY Boot Camp TRX Supersets & Cardio
Equipment: TRX – Bands –  Jump ropes
Part 1: Warm up with a 5 minute walk or jog
Part 2:  TRX Range of motion
12 TRX Wide Leg Hip Hinge
12 TRX TYI Lunges
12 TRX Alternating Single Leg Hip Hinges
12 TRX Cossack Stretch
12 TRX Wall Slides
12 TRX Split Fly
12 TRX Breast Stroke
6e Fig 4 Single Leg Squat
Part 3: Supersets + Cardio
Set 1: 4X
8e TRX Single Arm Row
8e TRX Pistol Squats
16 TRX Squat Jumps
Run 1 Minute
Set 2: 4X
8 TRX Muscle Ups
12 TRX Chest Press
24 Mountain Climbers
Run 1 minute
Set 3: 4X
8e Crossback Lunge (post knee over ankle)
8e Power Pull
80 Jumprope Skips
Run 1 minute
Set 4: 4X
8 TRX Y Fly
12 TRX Triceps Press
24 Jumping Jacks
Run 1 Minute
Part 4: AMRAP Core 12 Minutes
8e TRX Hip Drop
12 TRX Squat Row
12 Burpees
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry