Embracing discomfort. This skill, when practiced often, is the gateway to a more present, fulfilling life. Take exercise, for instance. When you first set foot in a new class, embarked on a fitness routine, started training for a race, put your mat next to someone you didn’t know well, or upped your weights in bootcamp, you were stepping outside of your comfort zone into the unknown. It may have felt thrilling, or perhaps a little intimidating. You may have experienced hesitation or trepidation, not knowing if you were capable of the task at hand. And now, looking back, you’re probably thinking it was no big deal, because you managed to expand your zone of comfort, and as a result transformed into a more capable and confident version of yourself. This practice of mastering discomfort and going a step further to even seek out those things we perceive as uncomfortable can be one of our greatest tools for growth. It can alter the trajectory of our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. It can help us turn off the fear response and tap into our faith. There is no step too small or insignificant. Each time you maneuver yourself beyond your sphere of the cozy same-old same-old, you are on your way to taking flight.


GUMSABA DIY – Chip and Run

Part 1: Warm Up with Dynamic movement and rhythmic cardio for 10 minutes

Part 2: Activate with Band On Thighs first round, take it off for 2nd!

10 Squats

10 Bent Rows

10 Curl to Push Press

10 GB Hold + Fly

10 Leg Drops

10 Supermans

20 Skaters

Run P Lap (with band on first round)

Repeat with no band! If you dont have a band, pretend you do!

Part 3: Chip and Run

Set 1: Chip 20/16/10

Alternating Reverse Lunges

Sumo Hi Pull

Reverse Crunches

Low Plank Knee Tucks

RUN FAST 2 minutes

Set 2: Chip 15/10/5

Stiff Leg DL

Push Ups

Glute Bridge Pullover

V Ups

RUN FAST 2 minutes

Set 3: Chip 12/10/8/6/4

Box Jumps (mod alternating step ups)



Get Ups

RUN FAST 2 minutes

Part 4: Core Cardio Intervals 20/10 – 3X

Mountain Climbers

Side Plank Hold R

Side Plank Hold L

Flutter Kicks


Part 5: Cool Down Jog that time allows & stretch with Jumpropes


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry