How about a DIY Chipper to get your Wednesday going? Composed of a high volume of movements performed in succession, a chipper is designed to test and increase your strength. So, get your water, your weights, your favorite workout buddy, and get to it!

Gumsaba DIY Chipper Humpday

Equipment: Free Weights, Band (optional), Jump rope, Timer, Mat, Elevated/sturdy surface for step up 

Part 1: Warm Up 10 each

Shin Grabs – Hip Rolls – Hip Hinges – Calf Raises – 5 minutes Jog/Walk/Row/Bike

Part 2: Activate with band on thighs

Part 3: Chipper Sets

Set 1: 16/12/10

Push Press

Walking Lunge + Hammer Curl

GB Pullover

Set 2: 12/10/8/6

Stiff Leg DL

Bent Rows

T Spine Push ups

Set 3: 16/12/10

Sumo HI Pull

Mountain Climbers

V Ups

Set 4: 12/10/8/6

Step Up Knee


Renegade Rows

Part 4: Cardio Blast Burpees

Do burpees, take a bit of rest, and then run as fast as possible for given yards.

When done correctly, this drill will build aerobic capacity and burn carbohydrate anaerobically, which will result in less fat storage!

5 Burpees, Sprint 30 Y, walk back to start

4 Burpees, Sprint 30 Y walk back to start

3 Burpees, Sprint 50 Y walk back to start

2 Burpees, Sprint 50 Y walk back to start

1 Burpees, Sprint 50 Y walk back to start

Part 5: Cool Down Jog & Stretch 30 seconds per side

Deep Glute Stretch

Spinal Twist

Chest Stretch

Deltoid Stretch

Calf Stretch

Cool off this week with some Spot on Potato Salad – perfect for a Labor Day Weekend BBQ, pool party or impromptu gathering.

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry