Unless you’re an outlier or not human, chances are you experience the occasional slump where your brain has a propensity for negativity. This is totally normal. We all have those moments of feeling like things just aren’t going as planned, life has turned upside down, and we’re resisting what is. And it’s no different when we’re in the middle of a grueling workout. Ugh, I cannot do anymore burpees! Why do we have to hold this plank for an entire minute? More squats, seriously?

Whatever the complaint may be, it’s probably crossed your mind or maybe you’ve even blurted it out. That’s okay. It’s how you’re feeling in the moment, plain and simple. But, if you let that complaint fester in your mind and ruminate, if you allow that negative thought to turn into a thought pattern, it’s likely to do more damage than just the occasional burst of frustration. Complaining (and negative thinking in general) is cyclical, and easily repeatable. The more negativity we think and speak, the more we believe it and so the that template persists.

Fortunately, when we understand this about ourselves and how our mind operates, we can stop those pesky complaints dead in their tracks. Awareness and mindfulness are key. When we separate ourselves from our patterns and take survey of what’s going on, we rewire our brains to think more positively. And in the meantime, go easy on yourself. Just say “peace out” negativity and move on. By being cognizant of our negative thoughts/beliefs, we can drop them before they weigh us down.

Part 1: Warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk or jog
Part 2: 10 each with band on thighs – 1x
Shoulder Rolls (weighted)
Bent Rows
Plank Up Downs
One Leg GBHE
Lateral Leg Drops
Part 3: Supersets + Cardio
Set 1: Perform 4X
6 Man Maker Push Ups & 12 Walking Lunges
Bike, Row or Run for 1 minute at maximum capacity
Set 2: Perform 4X
6e Dumbbell (DB) Snatch & 12 GB Fly
Bike, Row or Run for 1 minute at maximum capacity
Set 3: Perform 4X
6 Burpees & 12 Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Bike, Row or Run for 1 minute at maximum capacity
Set 4: Perform 4X
6e Lateral Deadlift to Press & 12 Glute Bridge Pullovers
Bike, Row or Run for 1 minute at maximum capacity
Part 4: HIIT Core Perform 2X
Set a timer for 20 seconds work and 10  seconds rest, 12 rounds
Quadruped hover
Side Plank Hold
Side Plank Hold
Reverse crunch
Low plank Body Saw
Part 5: Choose 2 mobility exercises from the client portal
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry