One of your greatest superpowers is your ability to visualize; visualize where you want to be or who you want to become, using your imagination and your willingness to see yourself reaching new heights, beyond any limiting beliefs, and fulfilling the potential that you envisioned. This is not some woo-woo nonsense, this is the power of visualization. When you focus your attention (and intention) on something specific that matters to you, and you take deliberate action to make it a reality, you are on the road toward transformation.
Take 2 minutes to visualize something you really want in your life, something that gives you energy. It can be imagining yourself as an amateur nature photographer, or maybe it’s taking a trip to a far off place that’s always peaked your interest, or perhaps it’s running 3 times a week. Whatever it is, take a moment to see it clearly in your mind. Imagine the smells, the sounds, the people surrounding you, and how you feel. If it’s fitness related and you happen to dread burpees, for instance, visualize how great you will feel when those burpees are over with. Going through this exercise of visualization, if only for a couple minutes a day, could be the tectonic shift you’re looking for to take your life to the next level.

Gumsaba DIY Boot Camp – Interval Training
Part 1: 10 minutes Dynamic movement and rhythmic cardio
Part 2: Functional Patterns
Set 1: Band on thighs – 1X (if you don’t have a band do the reps like you have one on!)
  • 10 Side step
  • 10 Squats
  • 5 Inchworm Push Ups
  • 10 Supermans
  • 10 Glute Bridge Hip Extensions
  • 10e Clamshells
Part 3: Interval Training: Set uluru timer for 45 seconds working, 15 seconds rest, a total of 30 rounds. 

Set 1: Repeat this 15 exercise set twice!

  • Alternating Reverse Lunge + Hammer Curl
  • 3 Push Ups + 3 Plank Up Downs (repeat until end of round)
  • Glute Bridge Pullover
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Alternating Lateral Leg Drops
  • Slow Bicycles
  • Glute Bridge Hold and Fly
  • Zombie Sit ups
  • Skaters
  • Sumo Hi Pull
  • Push Press
  • Front Squats
    Wall Sit
  • Jumping Jacks
Part 4: CHIP IT Cardio Blaster 
  • 50 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Sprinter Start R
  • 10 L
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 8 Burpees
  • 8 Sprinter Start R
  • 8 L
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 6 Burpees
  • 6 Sprinter Start R
  • 6 L
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 4 Burpees
  • 4 Sprinter Start R
  • 4 L
  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 2 Burpees
  • 2 Sprinter Start R
  • 2 L
Part 5: Cool Down Jog & Stretch: 
  • Hamstring – Half Split R and L
    Pigeon Pose R and L
  • Prone Chest Stretch R and L
  • Crescent Moon Stretch R and L
Thrive on,
Coach Jentry