What motivates you to exercise? Is it to increase your strength, endurance, or flexibility? Is it to obtain that perfectly toned physique? Is it to reduce your stress levels? Is it to supercharge your brain? Is it all of those? Or none?

Exercise can check a lot of boxes when it comes to boosting our physical bodies and mental health. Today, we are diving deep into the protective power of exercise on our brains, the most complex machine on the planet. HERE you will find a super awesome, inspiring TED Talk by Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist who offers a new perspective on how exercise positively impacts the brain.

Here are few take-aways:

  • exercise has both immediate and lasting effects on the brain – increasing serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine, thus boosting mood.
  • exercise produces new brain cells and strengthens both the…
    • prefrontal cortex (right behind the forehead), which is critical for decision-making, focus and personality
    • the hippocampus (located in the temporal lobe), which supports our ability to form and retain longterm memories
  • Aerobic exercise and a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times/week will help improve overall brain function.

So, when you’re jumping rope, lifting weights or TRXing your heart out, think about all the ways in which your brain is benefiting.


Gumsaba Boot Camp – DIY TRX

Part 1: TRX Mobility 10 each 1X

Alternating T Lunge

Wide Leg Hip Hinge

Figure 4 squat (each)

Single Leg Alternating Hip Hinge

Wall Slides

Cossack Stretch

Breast Stroke

Part 2: 5 Minutes rhythmic cardio

ie: walk, jog, run, row, or bike

Part 3: Count Reps Sets

Set 1: 4X

8 TRX Squat Row

8 TRX Chest Press

8 TRX Alternating Crossback Lunges

80 Skips on Jumrope

Set 2: 4X

8e TRX Power Pull

8e TRX Hip Drop

8e TRX Lateral Lunges

16 TRX Skaters

Set 3: 4X

8 TRX Triceps Press

8 TRX Overhead Squats

8 TRX Muscle Ups

16 TRX Frog Jumps

Part 4: Run Intervals

Jog 60 seconds, Sprint 20 Seconds. Repeat 8-10X

Part 5: Stretch 60 seconds each side

Thread the Needle

Spinal Twists

Prone Chest Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch Kneeling or standing


Thrive on,

Coach Jentry