Hello There,

Holidays are awesome, and yeah, it’s no secret that they can get totally out of control when we don’t manage them right. No one wants to start the new year feeling like they took more than they gave, that they gained more than they burned, that they let their lesser selves be boss for a skosh too long. But it happens. Will it happen to you?

This is the EXACT time to recommit to your health. All of us  will likely intake more calories than we burn a few days this month, so lack of movement is not an option if we want to win the battle. Win now, and 2023 will begin on a high note. Look ahead and make a plan to finish 2022 with our heads held high.

  1. Schedule all December workouts now (on all of your calendars so no one can schedule over them).
  2. Call a friend you miss and schedule a walk or hike – no matter how far away a friend is technology makes that possible!
  3. Sign up to volunteer on our beautiful mountain at Save Mt Diablo
  4. Commit to moving for at least 45 minutes every day this month. Walk, dance, work on your mobility or go hard at the gym or camp. Mix it up… tis the season!
  5. Traveling? Take your resistance tubing and do this workout.
  6. Potlucking? Bring delicious plant based dishes for others to try.
  7. Try a free boot camp class  – our amazing community will gladly welcome you!
  8. Drink your water.. 16 oz when you wake, then 8oz every 1-2 hours thereafter.
  9. Create a food and exercise journal
  10. Enjoy the events you want to commit to, but only commit to what you will enjoy. Saying no is sometimes the better option.

If you have ideas on how to keep moving and mindful this holiday season comment below. Wishing you a healthy and mindful closure to 2022.

Rock on,

Coach Michelle