I’ve received some awesome communication about the challenge and thought I should post a few helpful things based on your intentions for the month. Here we go!

  1. Have a water bottle that tracks your water. Amazon has a bunch, here’s one idea.
  2. Take to writing a journal to express how you are feeling and solidify your intention daily. I use Penzu, but you can start a pen and notebook journal if you like. Penzu lets you share with me if you are interested in that.
  3. For those of you who have expressed wanting to get out of negative self talk, create a mantra and keep it somewhere (or multiple places) where you can see it throughout the day. Here’s some help to get you started from the one and only Oprah.
  4. Consider keeping a food journal. My fitness pal is free and easy, and allows you to share your diary with me.
  5. For those of you cutting out or cutting back on alcohol or food, please have a replacement handy! Here are some ideas for non-alcoholic spritzers I put together.
  6. For those of you with fitness goals, consider creating a workout calendar for the week each Sunday. This can be flexible, but having it scheduled helps! Also consider working out early in the day when you have good energy. Later workouts can get pushed aside with family needs and lower energy etc.

And remember, you have me. I will be writing a daily blog post here for the duration of the challenge, so check in regularly and when you need some motivation!

Here’s to our health and our best selves!