The Gumsaba Running club got down and dirty at the Rattlesnake Ramble on Sunday! Check out this great note from Coach Karen to the team! Want to join in the fun? The running club is free and open to all levels, so get out there and do it in the dirt! Check out the events page to find out when and where the next Run club meet up is and click here to be added to the running club email list.

🙂 Coach M

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“To the amazing Gumsaba Rattlesnake Ramble team, you are all amazing and should be very proud of your accomplishment today!  The geese and bullfrogs cheered us on. We ran more than 6 miles in the pouring rain, sliding through mud that was sucking at our shoes, skating both uphill and downhill, getting  down and dirty in the mud…really down and dirty…and all the while having a great time.

It’s this kind of spirit and camaraderie that makes our running club so special.  I hope you each had a wonderful warm shower.  Enjoy the pouring rain from indoors (except Sherry, who gets to watch some mud football), and appreciate your accomplishment today :).” – Coach Karen


Cardio Sweat Amrap + Interval DIY! 

Part 1: Warm up with dynamic movement and light stretching. 

Part 2: Perform 1 round: 

5 Bird Dog Tuck R

5 Bird Dog Tuck L

10 Supermans

10 Glute Bridge Hip Extensions

10 Reverse Crunches

10 Side Lying Leg Lift R

10 Side Lying Leg Pulse R

10 Side Lying Leg Lift L

10 Side Lying Leg Pulse L

5 Inchworm perfect push ups

10 Prisoner Squats

10 Windmills

Part 3: Interval 50 work/10 rest

Walking Lunge & Curl

6 plank up downs + 4 Jump Squats


10 Mountain Runners + 5 Thrusters

Wall Sit Bicep Curl

1 half burpee + 4 Renegade Rows

10 Hi Knees vs 10 Jumping Jacks


20 Squat Pulses + 10 Mountain Climbers

Get Ups (mod Deadlift)

6 single Leg Rows R + 6 L

6 sprinter starts R + 6 Sprinter Starts L

5 Push ups + 5 Hi Plank Jacks

1 V Up + 2 Single Leg V Ups


10 Pulsing Lunge R with weights on shoulders/10L

4 Diamond push ups + 4 switch lunges

1 squat with weights + Single Leg DL (1R/1L)

Glute Bridge Hip Extension + Pullover

Knees to elbows

Part 4: Cool down jog & shoulder mobility with LAX balls

Gumsaba Outdoor Fitness Class schedule Tuesday 2/10/15:

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Womens only class – Coach Michelle – TRX + Kettle Bell Cardio

5:30AM Sunrise Danville Mens only class – Coach Joel – Cardio Sweat!

6AM Sunup Lafayette Co-Ed class – Coach Jentry – Push N Pull Circuit

9AM Sunshine Walnut Creek Womens class – Coach Michelle – TRX+ Kettle Bell Cardio

11:00AM Cytosport Strength Training & Power – Coach Briana (private class) Fight Gone Bad

12:00PM Cytosport Power Yoga – Coach Jentry (private class)