Electrify your stability, cardio, strength, and mobility all in one with this killer DIY Bodyweight workout.

Bodyweight Workout

Equipment: Mat, Timer, Band

Part 1: Choose Warm Up

Part 2: Workout

Set 1: Stability:

30 work.15 rest – Perform 2X

  • Bird Dog Switch
  • Glute Bridge Isolated Hold 


Set 2: Stability

30 work.15 rest – Perform 2X

  • Wall Sit feet Hip Width Apart
  • Hi Plank

Set 3: Cardio/Mobility

20 work.10 rest – Perform 4X

  • Jumprope or Hi Knees
  • Low Plank

Set 4: Cardio/Mobility

20 work.10 rest – Perform 4X

  • Skaters
  • Push Ups

Part 3: Choose Mobilty and Stretching

To recover, whip up some Sweet Potato ToastRich in potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin A, sweet potatoes fill you up with only the good stuff – no processed sugars or refined anything, just pure whole foods in their natural form. This toast is shockingly easy to make and fun to customize. Top with nut butter, mashed avocado, nuts, seeds, or fruit and enjoy!

Thrive on,

Coach Jentry